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video inverview on WACOM’s new site

If you are a creative, your Wacom tablet is most probably something that you cannot live without. I am the same. I am on my third Intuos pen tablet, and about to upgrade it to Cintiq.
Well, if you are not in the creative industry, you may say “what the hell are you talking about?” But you may change your mind and get a Wacom product once you log on to their new website that just launched. Because “creativity is for everyone”. YES.

Wacom’s brand-new website just launched today. And I am excited to be a small part of it. You can watch a mini interview video on me. The site design, video direction and shooting were all done by Fantasy Interactive lead by Irene Pereyra and Anton Repponen (Anton also shot the portrait used on my website’s bio page). Music is by Juan Miguel Marin.

Irene, Anton, Juan and I all met as speakers at design conference OFFF in Barcelona in May 2012. We hit it off, and since became good friends.  When Wacom website redesign came to Fi, Irene and Anton got us onboard. Thank you for this great opportunity, and thank you for the friendship, guys. It was a lot of fun!
please set your browser to permalink view to watch the video:

Visit Wacom new site here
Read behind the scenes of making of Wacom site on Fantasy Interactive blog here

PS: The back story was that this was supposed to be just a test video to show as a sample to the client as a concept, and supposed to have been reshot after approval. The client ended up liking the original raw and casual video, and asked us not to reshoot.  So, I am here with hair grown tad bit too long, and make up not done exactly well for camera. But hey, life is funny like that!