Yuko Shimazu Yuko Shimazu Yuko Shimizu

Award winning Japanese illustrator based in New York City and instructor at School of Visual Arts.

images available to use for Women’s March

UPDATE (January 23):
Thank you for all of the women, men, straight, gay, young, old and some even babies and pets who walked the march.
Total of 600+ downloads were made.
If you took pictures, please send them my way by tagging @yukoart in Twitter and Instagram (for Instagram please tag the photo itself and not the text. If you only tag text, I never see your photo due to the large number of followers on my account) or post on my Facebook public page. Thank you!

UPDATE (January 19): new image added:
This is so very last minutes, but I am using my old illustration for a good use.
This illustration was made a while ago for now-gone JANE Magazine. It is actually a portrait of one of young editors, but I am sure she would approve, as JANE was a magazine for kick ass women.
For those who are interested in using this image for your march. Please download a large TIFF file from here (66.8MB)
You know the drill: no commercial use. For personal use for the march, please use the way you like. And send me photos if you can.
Some brands such as Avery makes iron on printer paper which you can quickly make T-shirts. So, be creative.

<below is the original post about NY Times image>
I have received more than a few message asking me if they can use this illustration I originally made for the NY Times for Women’s March on January 21.
So, I have uploaded a medium size JPG and large size PSD files for you to download.
You can make T-shirts, banners or anything you like with it, as long as you keep it as your personal use.
I would love it if you could send me some photos, or tag your photo on Instagram or Twitter to my handle @yukoart  (in Instagram, please tag the actual photo. If you only tag text, I will most probably won’t see it.)

Please know that commercial use (making any profit off this) is strictly prohibited. The New York Times and I own the right to the image.

Download NY TIMES large PSD file here (13.6MB)

Download NY TIMES medium size JPG file here (3.4MB)

List of affiliated women’s march all over USA and abroad here. Find one near you.  
I will be walking the New York City march with friends. New Yorkers, see you there.