Yuko Shimazu Yuko Shimazu Yuko Shimizu

Award winning Japanese illustrator based in New York City and instructor at School of Visual Arts.

Thank You IDEA (アイデア) MAGAZINE

Idea Magazine
Japanese design magazine idea(アイデア) issue No.338 just came out this week. Special feature: Post Pop Graphics. The issue has ten page feature of my work including rather long interview on how I started working as an illustrator in the New York, difference between Japanese and western illustration markets, advice for those who aim to work in the world market, etc.Besides a big thank you that goes to editor Ms. Makie Kubo, this feature has a very special meaning for me.I have moved to New York exactly 10 years ago from Tokyo, and although my work has been commissioned, published and/or featured in many countries around the world, I had yet worked with a Japanese client, and this is the first time my work was officially introduced to the Japanese art/design community. It really means a lot to me.

I will post the actual pages on PRESS SECTION soon. For now, you can see all the featured artists’ works and purchase info on idea Magazine site.