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Back To Mexico! Part 1

I work with WNYC radio on all day long. At least once a day or two, there is a news about Mexico. Usually it is about drug mafia, kidnapping, or about that notorious law in Arizona…, either case, it is never a good news. It is unfortunate that these are now embedded in the brains of many Americans.When I said I was going to the city of Xalapa, taking 5 hour bus ride from Mexico City, a lot of my friends were concerned.

Well, I have been there before and it was fantastic, and it is a beautiful college town surrounded by nature of cloud forest, and there is a great small design organization called Amarillo Centro de Diseño who has invited me back to have an exhibition and a four day workshop. So, why not?

I took a lot of photos I want to share with fellow Drawgers and readers. I love Mexico so much  I feel it is my duty to show the positive side of this country to Americans. I think I am making this post into two sections.

To start, I am showing the process of the announcement poster. During last year’s visit, I made a fake lucha libre (Mexican wrestling) poster. I wanted this to be something related.

I recently adopted a 5 year old Chihuahua. Well, Chihuahuas are from Mexico… So, this time, theme was to make him into a superhero.

And here it is…

Chihuahua Superhero: Thumbnails
Usually my illustrations all starts this loose. one of the thumbnails.
Chihuahua Superhero: Sketch
This is the sketch. I didn’t need to show the sketch to the client, so I kept this rather loose too.
Chihuahua Superhero: Dummy Layout
Then, placing the sketch into the dummy layout. The left was the poster for last year, and I used the same banner and flower pattern to keep them as a series.
Chihuahua Superhero: Ink Drawing
Ink drawing is finished. Late at night… and my model was completely bored…
Chihuahua Superhero: Silkscreen
This was printed as silkscreen poster, so I made the original drawing into three color separations. Needless to say… Mexican flag color scheme.
Chihuahua Superhero: Amarillo

The silk screen poster is complete! Placed onto Amarillo bulletin board.And!

Here is where the fun starts! Amarillo people went into the night in Xalapa and posted them in the city, a-la- real lucha libre poster style.

Chihuahua Superhero: Amarillo - Wall 1
Chihuahua Superhero: Amarillo - Wall 2
Chihuahua Superhero: Amarillo - Wall 3
Chihuahua Superhero: Amarillo - Wall 4
Chihuahua Superhero: Amarillo - Wall 5
Chihuahua Superhero: Amarillo - Wall 6
My lucha chihuahuas were then turned into a tote bag design (sold out) as well as banner at Amarillo to announce the show.
Chihuahua Superhero: Tote Bag
Chihuahua Superhero: Banner

Well, this is it for now, and I will post some photos from the show and workshop soon.Thank you for reading!


By the way, I have made the poster into computer wallpaper. It is on my site for free download during the period of the exhibit.

If you are interested, please visit here.

Chihuahua Superhero: Wallpaper