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Tolerance traveling poster exhibition

Tolerance Poster Exhibit was curated by my former professor and designer Mirko Ilić to be shown during Tolerance Festival in Ljubljana, Slovenia in March 2017.
The show features designers and illustrators from around the world including Milton Glaser, Paula Scher, Sue Coe and Istvan Orosz.
The show has since traveled through multiple countries (see EVENTS section for other locations), and mostly shown outdoors.

My poster was specifically designed to work outdoors. I had chosen this topic of children of  mixed backgrounds so the image is accessible to anyone, mainly passersby who are neither artists nor have much knowledge in art. They can be children who can find themselves in the characters, or adults who can find their children, or recall their childhood looking at this image.

art direction and curation: Mirko Ilić
calligrapher: Izumi Shimizu (my father)