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TARGET advertisement

Advertising for TARGET in theme of “Target and New York”.  This work appeared as part of advertising page buyout in the August 22, 2005 issue of The New Yorker Magazine

Awards and recognitions:
Society of Illustrators 48 (2006)
American Illustration 25 (2006)
silver medal from Society of Illustrators LA 44


from CREATIVITY Magazine
” In August of 2005, for the first time in The New Yorker’s 80-year history, the magazine was sponsored by a single advertiser, Target. Conceivably, this could have been a dizzying disaster of concentric circle overkill. But under the creative guidance of PMH, the collaboration ultimately produced a collectors-worthy edition, strewn with red and white tinged works of art by 21 of the world’s finest illustrators, including Yuko Shimizu, James Jean, Ruben Toledo, Andre Dubois, Me Company and others.”