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A Wild Swan 3/3 – interior illustrations 2 –

Pulitzer winning author Michael Cunningham‘s new book A Wild Swan (published by FSG, November 2015) has been a dream-came-true project for me with more than 10 interior full page illustrations, spot illustrations, drop cap designs for each story, and cover illustrated type, emboss drawing on the jacket, and endpaper all as one package.
The project went on, on and off, for about a year, in close communications with the editorial team and design team of FSG, as well as with the author himself.
The book has been (and will be) published in multiple countries including The Netherlands, UK, Russia, Italy, Portugal, Spain, France, Serbia.

Because this project is extensive, I have made multiple postings:

Jacket Design Process
Interior Illustrations 1
Spot Illustrations
Drop Cap Designs