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Award winning Japanese illustrator based in New York City and instructor at School of Visual Arts.

You Look Great In It!

Gap (PRODUCT) RED: Brookyln Boxer John Douglas
OK, so I have to be absolutely honest. I do NOT wear t-shirts. They look horrible on me. Over the years, many t-shirt design gigs came and went without fruitful results. It probably has something to do with my t-shirt illiteracy.But that does not mean I don’t like t-shirts on other people. In fact, they look great on almost everyone, well, other than me.

The Gap (PRODUCT) RED was patient enough to work with such a person like me to come out with my first (I hope it is not going to be the last!) four designs this season.

I cannot explain my excitement seeing people looking great in them, especially knowing that the proceeds will help women and children affected by AIDS in Africa.

Thank you, thank you and thank you, for those who bought, and those great design and technical team at The Gap  who transformed my digital files into awesome shirts.

Brooklyn-based boxer John Douglas posing cool in The Gap shirt.
Gap (PRODUCT) RED: Different People Trying Shirts
Top row from left: Yausi Mora and Emilia Casana in Puebla, Mexico, Yuki Ikezi from Santa Clara, California. second row: Juan Carlos Vazquez Padilla in Acapulco, Mexico, John Douglas in Brooklyn, NY, Jack Tse in New York. third row: Michael Thorner from Toronto, Canada. Bottom row: Sam Gorrie in Las Vegas, Nevada, Aida Aguilera Rocha from Xalapa, Mexico.
Gap (PRODUCT) RED: Shirt Collection
There are four designs in total. All of them in women’s sizes and right two are also available in men’s sizes. Top left was original image created for this project, and the other three are pre-existing images adjusted for the shirts.
Gap (PRODUCT) RED: Sketches
There is only one shirt that was created originally for the project (fortune cookie). Yes. But that does not mean I didn’t squeeze my t-shirt-dummy-brain to come up with various ideas. In fact, I think some of them are not at all bad although they were not made into the production.Anyone interested in realizing them into final products? Well, contact me and let me know. We can discuss!

Read more about (PRODUCT) RED, how it helps Africa, and to purchase shirts here.

Gap (PRODUCT) RED: Store
I have to say, it is a different kind of excitement I feel when I see my work on wearable objects and displayed in stores like this!!