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Josh Cochran Interview

Josh Cochran: Gallery 1
First time I saw Josh Cochran’s work was when Marcosand I judged Society of Illustrators student competition, probably 4~5 years ago.  He had a bunch of beautiful and funny silkscreen prints and “wow”ed us. (We have no idea why he didn’t get into the competition, but his prints ended up accepted into all the major ‘pro’ shows that year, so it was all good.)Later on we ended up becoming friends, and I have always been amazed by how talented, hard working, prolific, yet extremely humble and down to earth he is.

It was exciting to be able to interview him for my regular contributing article for Japanese ILLUSTRATION Magazine. I had so many questions I wanted to ask, like his transition from concept art to his current work, his multi-cultural background, and most of all, how he feels about all these copycats out there. And yes, he answered them all.

As usual, Penelope Dullaghan from Illustration Friday was kind enough to post the English version so all my friends, peers, and aspiring illustrators can read.

ILLUSTRATION Magazine issue No. 181 comes out in Japan at the end of the month.

Josh Cochran: Gallery 2
Josh Cochran: Illustration Magazine (November 2009)