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Interviewing Tim O’Brien

Tim O'Brien: Drawger Regular
I don’t miss at all my 11 years of corporate life before going back to art school. But it was not all bad either. I was in PR, so my job revolved around finding right people who have good stories. I did a lot of writing, mostly for company brochures and magazines for investors, etc. I have to admit I sometimes miss it.When my high school classmate and illustrator Tatsuro Kiuchi and Japanese Magazine Illustration asked me to contribute articles about American illustrators, I thought that was, in fact, a great idea. I can mix all my passion: illustration, writing, getting great stories out of great people, and besides I can introduce fantastic American talents Japanese people are not familiar with. (They are historically not so open to things outside of their own country).

Some of you already know about my first interview to Edel Rodriguez. The second was also Drawger regular: the one and only Tim O’Brien.

The only bad thing about this article writing is that because the Japanese article is rather short, I have to edit down a lot. So, I asked friend Penelope Dullaghan of Illustration Friday to post the original length article in, yes, English!

Please read an inspiring interview to Tim here.

Thank you Tim, thank you Penelope.

Japanese Illustration Magazine: Spread 1
Japanese Illustration Magazine: Spread 2
Sneak peek of the Japanese Illustration magazine spread pages. The issue will be available in Japan in late September.