Yuko Shimazu Yuko Shimazu Yuko Shimizu

Award winning Japanese illustrator based in New York City and instructor at School of Visual Arts.

1/100 (Belated) Head For Haiti

Many of fellow Drawgers have posted their head drawings/paintings already. My belated contribution… black/blue/green ink and red seal on watercolor paper.

100 Heads for Haiti is a group show organized by Dave Plunkert and Spur Design. Each head, done by various illustrators, will be sold for just $100 each for charity purpose to raise money for Doctors without Borders.

Show opening Saturday, April 12th at SPUR Gallery, Baltimore, MD.

100 Heads For Haiti
Please buy my head and help Doctors Without Borders (a charity I never forget to donate to every year)I have moved to New York form Tokyo 11 years ago. The first apartment I found was on Upper East Side with a Haitian roommate. We only lived together for three months, but we became a long time friends since. She has cooked me Haitian dishes, taught me how to prepare Haitian mint tea, and told me about her family.I have never been to Haiti, but I feel close to the country because of her.

To create this image, I researched the word Haiti in Chinese. It is written as “海地”. 海 means ocean and 地 means land. What a beautiful name. So I drew in her diving glasses one side ocean and one side land.

100 Heads For Haiti: Small Version
Pencil rough sketch