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Oscar Wilde Fairy Tales 3/4 – interior images 2 –

Illustrated book Fairly Tales by Oscar Wilde is published by Beehive Books is a part of  series Illuminated Editions.

Artists each choose a book of our choice to create a contemporary version in the style of the 19th century hardbound illustrated books.
This book was released in time for Christmas Season 2018.

This image set include the first part of the book A House of Pomegranates (originally published in 1889)
Main story The Happy Prince images can be seen here.
The first part The Happy Prince and Other Tales (originally published in 1888) can be seen here.

art direction: Josh O’Neill, design Maelle Doliveux (both Beehive Books)

awards and recognitions: Art Directors Club annual award 98 Silver Cube (2019)